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BHS Ink Slingers

This is the brand-spanking new community for the Boardman High School Ink Slingers (formerly the Creative Writing Club).

A few rules to follow:

1. Feel free to post any and all creative writing in this journal! This can be anything from your autobiography (for the love of pete, please put that under an LJ cut) to your grocery list.

2. Criticism is allowed, but be polite and helpful. No "flaming" or rude remarks. Also, do not take criticism as a personal attack. We're all here to help eachother with our writing skills.

3. Do NOT write anything inappropriate/gossip about fellow members or students at BHS. You will be banned from the community and your membership with Ink Slingers may be revoked.

4. Have fun and think passionate, creative thoughts.

Check here for updates on the club and for other fun stuff, like challenges, prompts, and the awesome weekly quote of awesomeness.

(Please pardon the rough/sucky layout as I am still toying around with it)

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